Terms and Conditions

All tickets are sold under our Terms and Conditions of sale.

  1. Tickets may only be purchased online through Weymouth Pavilion’s website (or through the website of an official authorised agent), by phone or directly through the theatre Box Office.
  2. Tickets cannot be refunded unless a performance is officially cancelled. Weymouth Pavilion will not be liable for any additional expenses incurred by customers in the event of a cancelled performance.
  3. Tickets cannot be exchanged unless for alternative performances of the same production.
  4. Tickets cannot be reserved and no order shall be accepted until payment is received in full. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to refuse any order placed.
  5. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to make alterations to the advertised time, programme or cast of a theatre production without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.
  6. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to alter advertised ticket prices without prior notice.
  7. Offers and discounts on tickets are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. Promotional codes must be given at the time of purchase. Promotional codes cannot be used retrospectively. Weymouth Pavilion is not obliged to offer refunds for failure to supply a promotional code at the point of purchase.
  8. Ticket holders only have a right to a seat of the value corresponding to that stated on their ticket. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to provide alternative seats to those stated on a ticket.
  9. All tickets remain the sole property of Weymouth Pavilion.
  10. Tickets are non-transferable and must not be resold or transferred to any person or entity for commercial gain. If any tickets are resold or transferred for commercial gain, the tickets will become void and the ticket holder may be refused entry to or ejected from the theatre. In such circumstances, Weymouth Pavilion will not be under any obligation to offer a refund.
  11. If one person buys multiple tickets, the provision by the purchaser of the tickets to his/her guests will not constitute a breach of the transfer restrictions under these terms and conditions (provided that the provision of tickets to guests is not made for commercial gain). However, the purchaser agrees that by purchasing tickets, they have agreed to these terms and conditions on behalf of themselves and their guests and the purchaser shall at all times be responsible for their guests’ compliance with these terms and conditions.
  12. Any comments or complaints regarding the view from a seat or the audibility of a performance must be made promptly to a member of theatre staff before or during the performance.
  13. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to refuse admission or eject customers from the auditorium in reasonable circumstances. Any customers who are intoxicated or are disruptive, abusive or violent to theatre staff, audience members or performers will be ejected from the theatre. In such circumstances, no refunds of tickets will be given.
  14. Latecomers may only be admitted into the auditorium at a suitable break in the performance, which may be the interval. Latecomers may be asked to take alternative seating.
  15. Mobile phones, pagers, digital watches, laser pens or any other electronic equipment should be disabled when inside the auditorium to avoid disturbing the cast and other customers.
  16. The use of photographic and other recording equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited in the auditorium. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to delete any unauthorised recordings and to eject any customers who are suspected of making recordings inside the auditorium.
  17. Customers may not bring food or drink into the building other than items purchased in the theatre. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to refuse to serve alcohol to any customer that appears to be intoxicated and to ask for proof of age prior to serving any alcohol. Theatre bars will be closed whilst a performance is in progress and will re-open during the interval.
  18. Weymouth Pavilion does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal property or for any liability (to the fullest extent permitted by law).
  19. For your safety, Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to search bags and belongings before entry to the theatre.
  20. Weymouth Pavilion reserves the right to change and amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Your continued use of our website or continued ordering of tickets by any other method after such change or amendment shall be deemed to confirm your acceptance of any such change or amendment. It is your responsibility to check these terms and conditions regularly to determine whether any such amendment has been made. If you do not wish to be bound by any revised terms and conditions, you should stop using and accessing our website or ordering tickets by any other method.

Last updated: March 2018

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