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The Bootleg Sixties

The Bootleg Sixties

Sunday 30 October 2022, 7:30pm - Theatre

The Sixties were without doubt the most dynamic and innovative of decades, and their impact upon society is still being felt throughout the world even now. The huge changes in music, fashion and culture which the Sixties brought about have left an indelible mark on the world, one which will probably never be equalled.

Many of the creators and innovators of the Sixties were, of course, British, so in recognition of such everlasting achievements, The Bootleg Sixties was created ! This fully self – contained two – hour plus show is packed with great music from all the classic artists of the decade, and is back-dropped by fantastic visual footage. Add in some fab 60’s costumes and, blistering performances by The Overtures, and you’ve got a knockout show!


Sun 30 Oct
From £27.00


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