An Interview with Northern Ballet's Carlotta Pini

Published on:
Thursday 17th May 2018

Dancer Carlotta Pini is from Florence, Italy and trained at the ASD Ballet Centre and the Hamburg Ballet School before joining the Academy of Northern Ballet's Professional Graduate Programme. She joined Northern Ballet in 2017.

Northern Ballet – The Ugly Duckling

Wednesday 13 June 2pm & 4pm

Have you danced in a ballet for children before?

Yes, last year when I attended Northern Ballet's Professional Graduate Programme I performed as Goldilocks in Goldilocks & the Three Bears.

What is the character of the Ugly Duckling like?

Ugly Duckling doesn't look like the other ducklings, so she feels different, ugly and rejected. She is insecure, sad, lonely and she doesn't know who she really is, so she runs away to find others like her. She has trouble finding her identity but at the end, she realises that she is a beautiful swan, and she becomes happier and more confident.

Ugly Duckling

How do you get into character?

I try to get into the character by thinking about her feelings and thoughts throughout the ballet. I try to give meaning to each movement - every step is equivalent to a specific feeling and has its own intention and clear aim. Sometimes I can find similar events in my real life that help me to interpret the character. In this case, at the beginning of the ballet I think about moments when I wasn't accepted, or I was unsure about the way I looked.

What aspects of the character do you try to bring into your dancing?

At the beginning the sadness and loneliness, then the feeling of joy and self-fulfillment

What are you thinking about while you're dancing?

I think one of the most beautiful aspects of being a dancer is to be able to be somebody else for a day. While you are dancing you can just get lost in the character or in their emotions. It is an incredible feeling that I always try to achieve.

What is your favourite part of playing the Ugly Duckling?

My favourite part is when I turn into a swan, and I get to wear a wonderful white tutu. I finally realise who I am, and I discover a new side of the character.

What will children most enjoy about this production?

I think they will enjoy the happy ending, when they see that Ugly Duckling has been accepted and when she turns into a swan. Furthermore, there are many funny and playful moments with both the frogs and the fox.

Ugly Duckling

Can you tell us a little about the costumes audiences can expect to see?

The costumes are very cute and fitting for each character, and the details and colours strengthen their personalities. There are beautiful and elegant white tutus for the swans, funny yellow and orange suits for the ducklings, and black velvet leotards for the cats.

Why do you think it is important to introduce young children and their families to the world of ballet and theatre?

I think it is important to introduce young children and their families to the world of ballet and theatre because it is art and a great enrichment for people. Through ballet you learn about music, body expression, costumes, and you can feel the magical atmosphere of the theatre.

Northern Ballet is known for its expressive story-telling. How do you find performing with the company?

This is my first year working with the Company and I really enjoy it. I have learned to perform more and not just think about the steps, and I understand more about acting physically as well as with my facial expressions. Furthermore, learning to communicate stories and feelings through dancing has helped me to mature and develop as a person. I also like the fact that the Company does ballets for children and invites families into the world of ballet and theatre.

Book to see Northern Ballet’s Ugly Duckling on Wednesday 13th July at 2pm or 4pm. 01305 783 225