Interview with Simon Reeve

Published on:
Thursday 12th April 2018

An Audience with Simon Reeve (27 October) See’s Simon recount tales from over 15 years of travelling to the most remote and extreme corners of the planet.



Q: What inspired the terrific idea of doing this new live show, “An Audience with Simon Reeve”?

A: I’ve had some magnificent adventures and met some of the most inspiring people on the planet. So obviously I’ve got lots of tales from my travels, and this show is a tremendous opportunity to share them with audiences across the UK. There’s a lot that I see and film that never makes it into the programmes, so there’s also behind-the-scenes stories to tell and footage to show.

I also like doing things that are a bit challenging and nerve-wracking - and performing a live show is certainly a challenge that should get the ticker going. I like that adrenaline rush.

Q: Tell us more.

A: I’m very keen that people push themselves into unfamiliar territory. The world can seem a scary place, but it really isn’t. This is the golden age for travel. These days, ordinary people can have adventures that in the past only Kings and Queens could have dreamt of. You can go anywhere now. But people are sometimes reluctant to leave their holiday resort. They are told that they should simply go to a resort and sit by the swimming pool being milked for cash while being served drinks in primary colours. I’m urging people to go beyond the confines of the resort. That’s where you get the best memories.

Q: Do you hope this show might inspire people?

A: Definitely. I want to entertain people, but I also want to inspire them. I hope the show might prompt them to go on their own adventures and encourage them to get out of their comfort zone in life. I also want to remind people that starting from nothing doesn’t need to stop you from achieving your dreams. Everyone seems to think that to be on TV you need to have got straight A’s at public school, but I don’t come from a media family or a wealthy, travelling background, and I left my local comprehensive with basically nothing and went on the dole. I started work in a mailroom. I never went to university. Don’t tell anyone!

Q: Are you looking forward to meeting your audience face to face and doing a Q and A with them?

A: Definitely. It’s wonderful to get feedback. In a strange way, I really like being put on the spot and I love probing questions. On stage, I hope I can get across my enthusiasm for the idea of pushing yourself in life.

Q: What might people take away from “An Audience with Simon Reeve”?

A: I’m hoping to inspire people to climb a hill they thought was too challenging. Live the life you want to live because time is short. If your goal is to break out of a rubbish job, I’ve done that. It is possible. Have faith and just bloody do it!

Q: What can you tell us about the BBC TV series on the Mediterranean that you are currently filming?

A: Well it’s an extraordinary part of the planet. Nowadays we can go anywhere in the world, but sometimes we overlook what’s closest to home. I’m just blown away by how extreme life around the Mediterranean can be. We forget there are magical and horrific places close to our own doorstep. 

Q: What qualities do you need in your job?

A: I’m very enthusiastic about the world. Part of my job is to go “wow!” a lot – and I can’t stop doing that in real life because that’s how I really feel! I also have a great deal of curiosity – that’s crucial – and I’d like to think that I do care. I cry a lot. I get very emotional and uplifted by the sights and people I meet. An openness to other people really helps. That is how we understand each other and how we break down the barriers that divide us.

Q: Do you think you’ll ever get bored of travelling?

A: Absolutely not! What telly presenter would say, “I think I’ve seen enough now”? As long as I’m allowed, I’ll be out there. When I’m travelling, my senses are not just tingled but rattled every minute of every hour.

Q: Finally, what are the benefits of going travelling?

A: Travel teaches us that we should embrace life and not live it on our knees. It’s a wonderful and immediate way of pushing our buttons and exciting our senses. We have an enormous planet of seven billion stories and magnificent sights to see and incredible food to eat. Anyone who isn’t mortgaging their grandparents or their grandchildren to get out in the big world needs their head examined! 

See the world-famous journalist recount tales from over 15 years of travelling to the most remote and extreme corners of the planet.

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